About the Conference

Most causes for osteoporosis, like genetics, age, menopause, and associated diseases with their treatments, are not modifiable. The investigation of the influence of nutrition on bone and muscle health is important as a key modifiable factor of the development of bone and the prevention of osteoporosis, and fall fractures.

It is the privilege of this symposium to gather every three years with scientists from all over the world working in this field to discuss the latest research. The 10th meeting of this symposium will be held in Hong Kong, which is the first time being held this symposium in an Asian region. The symposium will be organized by Connie Weaver, Robin Daly, Heike Bischoff-Ferrari and Man-Sau Wong. We are determined to continue the quality and standards of previous years.

As the only regular meeting in the osteoporosis field to be exclusively devoted to nutrition, bone and muscle, it allows us to review the new scientific data, discuss new concepts, and update the knowledge on several nutrients. This symposium provides a unique opportunity to connect health professionals, researchers and industry across many disciplines, including nutrition and dietetics, exercise science, gerontology, nursing, general practice, academia and the food and fitness industry.

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